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To place false information, slander and use deceptive tactics of debate.

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Post information with erotic and pornographic content, links and passwords to sites above subjects. To persuade or write in slang brand names, models, devices.

Use slang, which can be incomprehensible to other interlocutors. Create posts and topics, not relevant to the theme of the portal. To lay out the whole books or chapters of Vladimir Megre series except for quotations. Discuss books by other authors. You can quote and summarize other authors in smaller quantities, if their thoughts intersect and harmonize with the worldview described in the Ringing Cedars of Russia series by Vladimir Nikolayevich Megre, but to jump to their detailed discussion is to leave the main theme of the portal.

Such links are considered as advertising and removed and those who put this information would be blocked. Write messages, obviously leading to unreasoned disputes and skirmishes, provocations against other users, as a result of which those violate these rules.

Abuse of design elements that impede visual perception — all capitals, large print, color, highlighting, emoticons, line spacing empty linesinsertion of large images, symbolic decorations. To create unreadable text by the lack of spaces between words, sentences.

To quote a message of large size from a previous user; quote messages containing quotes of previous messages. Citing appeals to a particular phrase. Create messages that contain specially made mistakes; deliberately do not follow the rules of the Russian language. To do a mass mailing via private messages.

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Incorrect negative statement to the Ringing Cedars of Russia series by Vladimir Nikolayevich Megre and content of the books. If you want to say something, do it personally, through letters. The creation of clones registration of one user under multiple accounts. Posting information of other people under your own nickname. The restoration of moderated by the administration posts, topics, news, comments, signatures, avatars. The user may be blocked.

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